STAR Ticketing Seminar 2018

Tuesday 3rd July 2018 1.15pm-4.30pm The Other Palace, 12 Palace Street, London, SW1E 5JA

STAR members can register up to three representatives from their organisation, free of charge, for the AGM, members' lunch and the afternoon seminar. Members can also book to discuss Ticketing Apprenticeships with Tracey Cooper from the National College Creative Industries. Click the register link above for more information.

The cost of the seminar for non-STAR members is £100. Members of UK Theatre, Society of London Theatre, Society of Box Office Managers, National Arenas Association and Concert Promoters Association pay only £50. If you are a member of one of these organisations and do not have the appropriate discount code, please contact

1.15pm - 1.20pm


1.20pm - 2.10pm

Barely a day goes by without there being another news story about ticketing, but what are the biggest outstanding issues for the industry?

The panel will discuss key developments in legislation, regulation and best practice, looking at how effective or ineffective they might be and how they impact on ticketing businesses.

We’ll be talking about legislation to tackle ticket bots, enforcement action by regulatory bodies, advertising ticket prices, fair terms and conditions and ensuring that disabled people have equal access to booking tickets.

There will also be opportunity for questions and comments from delegates and we’ll wrap it up with a look at what further activity we might expect to see in the year ahead and the things that you consider to be priorities.


  • Richard Howle, Director of Ticketing, The Ticket Factory


  • Jacob Adams, Head of Research and Campaigns, Attitude is Everything/Ticketing Without Barriers Coalition
  • Martin Fitzgerald, COO, See Tickets
  • Andrew Hadley, Assistant Director Consumer Policy, Competition and Markets Authority
  • Adam Webb FanFair Alliance

2.10pm - 2.50pm

In the wake of the implementation of GDPR, what does the future hold for data protection and privacy rules? How well do we understand the meaning of consent and proper accountability between data subjects and data controllers?


  • Ian Taylor, Head of Ticketing and Data Management, bigdog Live


  • Lisa Brown, Client Services Director, Ticket Arena
  • Pauline Fallowell, Head of Sales and Audience Insight, Bridge Theatre
  • Liv Nilssen, Sector Strategy Lead, Spektrix

2.50pm - 3.10pm

Tea Break and Networking

3.10pm - 3.50pm

Everyone’s talking about blockchain, but do we really understand what it is or how it might be useful in ticketing? We’ll start with a very simple guide to blockchain before the panel discuss their views on how and when we might see an impact on the way tickets are sold and controlled. Are there other, simpler, solutions to the same issues that should be considered and, anyway, doesn’t it all depend on some unlikely investment in ticketing systems and the risks of pioneering disruptive technology?


  • Rob Williams, Audience View


  • Alan Vey/Annika Monari, Aventus Foundation
  • Andrew Thomas, The Ticketing Institute

3.50pm - 4.30pm

Much of STAR’s work revolves around helping settle disputes between customers and members. We’ll put some complaint scenarios to the panel for them to consider and offer their responses, possibly identifying recurring problems faced by ticket buyers that deserve better, industry-wide, solutions.


  • Jonathan Brown, Chief Executive, STAR


  • The Theatre - Paul Oxley, Head of Sales and Ticketing, Delfont Mackintosh Theatres
  • The Promoter – Andy Copping, President of UK Touring, Live Nation Entertainment
  • The Ticket Agent– Lisa Cobham, VP Fan Experience, Ticketmaster
  • The Dispute Resolution Body - Megan Conman, External Relations Manager, STAR

At the end of the seminar, the theatre bar will be open for networking and delegates will get a 25% discount on drinks on presentation of their seminar badge.